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7 years. A while as short, as we would somewhere, some time ago, snuggled, closed our eyes for a while, and open them after a while to find ourselves here, where we are now. Twinkling of our existences, so short and so beautiful, that world wouldn’t believe, that being together can be so wonderful. That all like a short while, but from the other hand so much happened. 7 years of going on our way, sometimes lost without a map, creating our own paths, not always the easiest, sometimes with smile, sometimes with fear, but ours. Holding our hands and with taking care of each other. 7 years in the pursuit of dreams, looking for the most important values, exploring the world, meeting incredibly amazing people, lerning from them and from each other. Of faith in magic, which sometimes yet so touchable. And so many of these moments, which we’ll never forget…
We also changed during that time, or, or maybe not, maybe we are still those naiv kids, going towards sunshine with a big smile. Also since almost 7 years, we write here, even if moments fly away and we cannot keep them in blog pocket, it’s nice look back in time sometimes. And I guess this is why we scrubble here, just for ourselves and those few people who read this from time to time, maybe even get inspired sometimes, like we’ve been inspired from so many incredible people…

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...the song:)

1 May, 7 years later, was exactly when we had days off, so we wanted to take full advantage of it. We decided to celebrate that in Bothy. Bothy, is an abandoned cottage in the mountains, renovated and used as a shelter for people who walk in the mountains and they need an overnight place to stay. For free. Houses are always open and everybody who feel like staying there, can do that. It’s unbelievable how well cared these are, and that’s mostly just people who stay there take care of these places.

IMG_2332 IMG_2336IMG_2335IMG_2346 IMG_2347

We arrived to bothy on mountain path in the evening. With the wood which we collected on the way, food and a bottle of wine. But it turns out, that we could also appear without that all. Bothy are not only visually neat, but previous visitors think about those who will arrive there after them. So on the shelfs we found bottles with leftover alcohol, and at the end of our stay we added to that set some leftover of our wine too, for someone who might arrive without. There was also plenty of wood for fireplace left by previous visitors, so we added our collection to that. We could even appear without any food, as in the cupboard there was some pasta, can of tuna and plenty of other things. Including campingaz cartridges for those who need that.

IMG_2352 IMG_2354IMG_2357IMG_2365 IMG_2369

We were fascinated by another dream, which was just coming true. We were alone, in the mountain hut, surrounded by quietness, which only wind and sound of the river could slightly disturb. About that 11th may and most romantic evening we ever spent, we didn’t even dreamed!

IMG_2381 IMG_2390IMG_2402

When we slept enough, and it took a while, as rain and noisy wind outside weren’t really motivating to get out of sleepig bags, we packed up, cleaned after ourselves and moved on. We wanted to go north to find ourselves on A82, even if in our direction there was not any road on the map.

IMG_2412 IMG_2418IMG_2416

It was pretty nice at first. Then path started crossing some streams, after that rivers, which we had to cross somehow, and even build a tiny “bridges”. There was a probably few dozens of smaller and bigger streams to cross so 8km of the way took us about 2 hours. But the bigger problem appeared, when any path was finished and the only thing which was left was to lug heavy bikes through stones and marshland, sometimes with the mud up to knees, as we found. If that wouldn’t be enough – obviously – it started to rain (horizontally) and wind heavily that we hardly kept a balance. Luckily, when we almost lost our hope to find the road and we almost decided to go back all that way through the streams, we saw some building in the distance and in fact, after few dramatic km’s we found the road :).

IMG_2424 IMG_2426IMG_2428IMG_2433 IMG_2435DSCF2359DSCF2355 DSCF2358

So from Loch Etive, through Glen Coe we made a loop and with crazy face wind sotrm and havy rain we came back home to Appin. And all that, just to collect some little package, which we hid a year ago underneath some stone in Glen Coe… ;).

IMG_2432 IMG_2438IMG_2441

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  1. Bardzo przyjemnie czyta się Wasze wspomnienia.
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