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Panta Rhei

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We’re constantly heading somewhere, even all the time we are in the same place.
This year we decided to take advantage of Scottish winter and do things, for what there was no time by the years.
One of this “things” is new bookmark above the blog.
DreamsSanctuary – The result of Kasia’s creativity.
Ever since remember I spent my days doing some crafts. Who has been lucky enough, may remember Ibis bird wading among reeds on ours corridor’s wall in Wrocław.
It appears during our cycling trips – that is why I always have in my panier box full of watercolour pencils and sketchbook. Sometimes even we manage to give that better thank you to most important people for us, on our way.
Scottish grasslands full of sheep, and the wool all over the place couldn’t lead me anywhere else than into spinning. I could write, to knitting, but spinning forced on me learning how to knit.
There is nothing better in touch than raw fleece full of lanolin.
And all this is about how the DreamsSanctuary happened. From the dreams, dreams to art, creativity and imagination, and the most important from the willing to share it with another people!
What a huge joy was the first sale! And where it went? Across the ocean! Every another makes the same joy! That I want to jump to the ceiling or make a wee happy dance! Because that’s not money  what is the most important, but the thing, that something created in my mind and done with my hands, can be liked by another person!

IMG_6067  IMG_6035  IMG_6088 IMG_6090 

Oh! Almost forgot about that! In the meantime had happened for us something what is maybe completely normal for everyone else but not us. Since we are together – more than 8 years now – inseparably, apart from the time at work doing different shifts.
We’ve got 4 days off at work, but I had to stay here in Scotland (about that I’ll tell in a minute), and Przemo googled the best connection ever for himself  Oban-Glasgow-Edynburg-Monachium-Edynburg-Glasgow-Oban for that 4 days and he escaped to Oberegerhousen in germans Alps to visit his Mum.  What a shame that would be if kept his fingers crossed in Fort William instead with that idyllic view to Hochfelln and sun rays on his face.
Anyway. We know something now!

Everywhere is good, but with Wife is even better!

nofilter  ela  salzburg  ober 

The next “thing” what found the right moment now, is  our driving licences. I have that behind me!! Hours spent behind steering wheel, miles driven on different roads, and then the practical test. The most calm test in my life ever. Calm and relaxed with that absolute certainty that I’ll do it NOW! Or maybe that was the Przemo’s fingers crossed in Germany? And now I just waiting for my driving licence be received by post on the sofa ;) . Przemo just came back home with his certificate of passed theory test. Now he just have to prepare himself for that draining a wallet driving lessons with the instructor. And soon we will be able to wander across the country without miles limits what bike gave us if we had only 2 days off. We will be able to explore the most beautiful spots and places in Scotland without rain stopping us at home.
But first of all we need a car :D Reserch has been done, which car is the best to fit two bikes with no hassle, still a lot to read and learn about insurance and another paper work. But we are soo excited that is closer than ever been before!

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