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During winter everything seems to be different.

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It's a winter time, time of long evenings, too long mornings and definitely too short days.

At work before Christmas was really quiet. Not many people in and around. Touristic Scotland this time has between vernal equinox and autumnal equinox. With the most busy times when days are the longest, and nights the shortest. Later when days are getting shorter and shorter is falling asleep - like a bear preparing for winter time. We had written about my DreamSanctuary and about driving licence. And we even didn't expect that, next thing as buying a car, will come so soon! Decision - it was only few days! Przemo had chosen few cars about budget which we can afford, I did a good research - which car can fit bikes and how. We digged the Gumtree and another online offers well, week after Przemo came back from Germany, after quite sleepless night, with the alarm clock at 4.20 a.m. We were sitting in a train to Glasgow - to buy our tiny Honda.

And suddenly time started to be different. Extending and stretches - but in that positive meaning. I can't miss any occasion to drive, and poor Przemo inevitably does the passenger role. We din't try to fit our bikes in yet - simply is just too dark too early for longer cycling, but we managed to go for a bit longer trip. So we have used "her" as a tent! And what is more important - we FIT!
Following Polish Christmas tradition, on Christmas Eve under the Christmas Tree we found tickets to The Royal Lyceum Theatre for the Alice in Wonderland show, so that was the great opportunity to go from Appin to Edinburgh through Scottish Highlands :)

I think we enjoyed spectacle as much as all this kids around us, even we didn't have with us any crisps or candies ;)

In the meantime Hogmanay have passed, the New Year have started, was quite busy in the Hotel, party and fireworks, January started with shooting star! And the dream! So I have a feeling that it will be a very good one! What about January - one of the longest months ever? Probably will finish as fast as it has started, before taking us for a ride around non-touristic Scotland, without campervans, crowds, without pipers, but with too early sunset, and too late sunrise.

Oh! and the NEW about our blog - as you probably realised - as you are here! We decided to not mix languages any more, and let you read just in one language of your choice ;) So if the English version doesn't suits you any more you are more than Welcome to switch to Polish version, It is exactly the same, with the only difference that it's written in Polish. We still working on most of the post (after almost 9 years there is a few), and we want to sort out our pictures, move them to flickr and general cohesion that two blogs. In the meantime we are crochet, spinning, cooking, reading a books, so saying a word, it will takes us a while.

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