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We love each other.
First of all, our biggest luck is that we found each other.|
So what is most beautiful and hardest to find we already carry inside - love:)
We are one person in two bodies.
And apart from that... we love to travel!
We admire good music and dance to it.
Morning coffee...
Reading books, watching movies and lying on hammock.
We love to cook and everything what is to connected with food:)
We admire everything about art.
Making pictures, talking until morning and sleep way too long.
Smell of spring, lying on the grass and sitting on the backpacks along some dusty road while hitchhiking.
We enjoy pushing hard our bicycles uphill and long downhills even more.
We like meeting new, fascinating people. And those who same like us are able to notice all the magic around.
We like animals and we love to laugh.
Sunsets and sunrises, sleeping on the beach and walking along the coast, mountain air and wind in the hair.
We believe in positive thinking!

This blog is not a travelling blog, although it's a lot of travelling here sometimes. It's not about suggesting some way to follow. Everybody knows best which route his life should take. We follow our own by varieties of transportation :). This blog, as title describes, is about us. About two people, who want to fulfull their dreams and be happy. A tiny bit of our own space in the internet...

You can contact us by email - pyfczki@gmail.com. We are also on facebookwarmshowers and couchsurfing.

Kasia & Przemo