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From Kasia's records.... again...;) 19.05

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This is like Wrocław looks at 4 a.m.....

We just came back from Łódź, there is a lot of time yet to my bus, so why not walk around Wrocław - by night? The temperature is nice, about 20 degrees.
Back to Łódź.. We were looking there for a cinema. The Charlie Cinema. But how hilarious that was...

Under the address where the cinema supposed to be, we just found passport department - but not the cinema:

So passports are already in our pockets - so we don't need that :D
The guy with some flyers, asked about The Charlie Cinema han no idea what we are talking about - so he just pointed the whatever direction, and said as we'll reach the "Central" to ask somebody.
(What the hell is "Central")
So we decided to ask somebody else about "our" cinema.
- A cinema... eeekm Churchill hm... yep Charlie Cinema, hmm... I don't know but you going in good direction(?)
So we went.But cinema as is not there is not there. time to ask somebody else.
-The Charlie Cinema? Wrong direction (and he pointed completely opposite direction than every previous one, actually we supposed to change the street - refused)
-Hm.. The Charlie Cinema... hmm... The Polonia Cinema is the Polonia Cinema, so the Charlie Cinema will be the Charlie Cinema hm... I don't know. - but he pointed direction as 2 first guys.
So we headed, not really sure, in pointed direction.
Finally we decided to ask a taxi driver - he seems to know everything around the city.
We had have got very precised directions. As we've got the pointed place :

on our left:

on our right:

But no even the smallest sign, saying thet somewhere on this street in a cinema!

So we asked in the shop:
- The Charlie Cinema? Hey Jadźka! Where is Charlie?
Jadźka appeared from staff area, and then she exactly explains us how to get the cinema through big big gate.
There was a gate, and there was a cinema!

And that's our movie: