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Even though it's 8 already, I will start from Friday when we went to Warsaw with staying over the weekend there in our minds (***horrible idea) neither of us knew how much we won't want to stay there. Suddenly Przemek came up with idea to go the seaside. Ok, now it's just the matter of finding hotspot and write to people from hospitalityclub. And go!
We found ourselves in traffic but internet connection was stucked, magic amount of 60 people online. That's nothing! We will go and find another internet, it's capital after all :/ for sure they have some. And they have had! We found some net under the Kopernik monument on Nowy Swiat.
Direction set, HC and sms'es from Krynica Morska to Puck.
Despite the huge amount of hosts from GD, nobody wanted us there, but we haven't been doing our best though :D. Karolina from Puck asnwered. How happy :D they went north...
Our first driver was a father of two sons (4 and 7 years old) who for the whole way to GD was cracking 'funny' jokes...
A 2a.m I've snet sms to Karolina to don't wait for us. Actually it just became dark and already we have nearly sunrise....
A bit tired [me!] we had a walk along 3-city bypass... / here is something I can't read, oh well... :D /
when car without right hand light was passing us, and we really didn't care any more what kind of car would take us, he stopped! And took us a few extra km's, as he was driving to Gdynia and took us all the way to Rumia... dropped us on the way to Puck... narrow, dark... at 3am.
Cold: for Przemek, me dressed in 2 jumpers and a longsleeve I bravely survive these 16 degrees :D
Suddenly a car... I'm jumping out of a bus stop and... o! 2 boys, have stopped. They look at me like they suppose to be scared, not me... well it's almost morning, a miracle that anybody was passing there at that hour...
About 3am we arrived to Lotos station in Puck which was the spot which earlier Karolina described us. When we've been wondering where to go - as an hour earlier I've written to don't wait for us - 2 boys asked us if we have any spot to sleep, as they have nowhere to go and they are on the way to Jastarnia and if we wanna join them and have sam vodka on the beach... actually I was up to it (especially that vodka, hehe) but I can see that Przemo is not really to go. He put and objection and actually maybe good as now when I think about it it might not finish well.

we went sleep. on the sleeping mat, in sleeping bags, fell asleep straight away :D
and we supposed to see the sunrise... oh well, some of us haven't seen it  [me]
only morning sun, which was warming us up through the sleeping bags managed to wake us finally up.

sms to Karolina that we have arrived. She's coming in a few minutes... finally at home!



  1. Zaczynam czytać o waszych podróżach, których już wam na początku gratuluje :)
    Facet musiał podwieźć was do Redy a nie Rumii. Z redy jest trasa na Puck, a na tej stacji benzynowej pracuje moja znajoma :D