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The thing about a backpack.

01:05 Kasia i Przemo 0 Comments Category :

There is many stuff available, or maybe not :)
or we are just to picky, or the things are not exactly as we imagined.
Starting with colours [me],  wrong construction [me again], to narrow suspenders [Przemo]. There is few models which I could be content  with, but oh well... pricey... . Maybe today will be better day and finally we will find what we are looking for!
Backpack for that trip must be comfortable! and what even more  important - must fit all my stuff [hehe]

Added later...
We had have been in all shops with outdoor equipment in Wrocław. Nothing delighted us, as much as young lady in Skalnik [she actually delighted Przemek], but if not price and colour backpack is Ok :D

Wait, wait, Przemo objected! He was not enthused with the lady ;)

*Not your language? Try in polish here.